Estate Planning for Families and Individuals

Today's fast changing and global world is less predictable than it used to be. Many people living in the Bay Area do not know whether they will stay here or relocate to another place in the future. Combined with raising children or working in demanding and fast-paced jobs, this makes for a challenging daily life. This is especially true for families where only one spouse is in the work force, with the other spouse raising children.

While we cannot predict what the future will bring, we can address some of the uncertainty with planning. I encourage all my clients, no matter what their wealth level and family situation is, to set up their estate plan early so that they can spend their time with what matters most to them: their families, friends, careers and other passions.

While it can be uncomfortable talking about death and what happens with loved ones after a death, it can give you peace of mind to have a plan in place. If you decide to work with me for your estate planning, I will guide you through each step of the estate planning process, and explain all the major documents such as a Will, a Revocable Living trust, an Advance Health Care Directive and a Power of Attorney.

Probate and Trust Administration

Besides Estate Planning, I also offer Probate and Trust Administration services. Please contact me for more information.

Services for German-speaking Clients

For those clients with a German-language background or living in a German-speaking country, I can offer all my services in German at no additional fee.

Having lived in Europe and the United States for extended periods of time, I understand what it means to live and work internationally, including language barriers, working across time zones, demands on family time, and last but not least always being torn between two places one calls home.

If you own property outside of the US, I can discuss your estate planning strategy for those assets as well. This might involve sourcing appropriate counsel in the country where those assets are located.